Sunday, December 6, 2020

63 Suffragist of Color


63 Suffragist of Color by Patricia C. Coleman

I’m sure that you have heard it said by others for any number of reasons that a project took them places never imagined.

It was doing a random web search on quilting I came across the Bloomington Quilters Guild’s posting about a suffrage quilt exhibit call. My interest was sparked and immediately began considering ideas which led to a bit of reflecting back to my youth visiting the Frederick Douglass museum with my identical twin brothers as a safe place for us to explore. I knew immediately that I wanted to create something that would bring greater awareness of suffragist of color. I wanted to feature Indiana people.

When I say the exhibit call, I was just at the beginning design stage for two lap sized quilts. I really wondered if I had time to add on another quilt project. I decided to make a quilt but it couldn’t get in the way of me compleating the two in process. As I worked on the animal and dinosaur quilts I dove in to researching suffragist.. I spent many hours each day seeking suffragist. As the lap quilts progressed, I began focusing on a decision to use a fabric tessellation pleating as my foundation surface for images. Why? I love fabric tessellations and may put some sort of pleat into future quilts.. As the animal quilt and dinosaur quilt came to completion, it was necessary for me to decide which surface or face of the pleated tesselation I would applque upon. Every tessellation has two distinct surface designs. I pleated a few samples while determining my approach to pleating my fabric.  I finally decided on this pleating.  I plan to auction off a few of the samples made during my process of choosing.  Look for any auction posted to my Instagram.

This being the anniversary year of women gaining the right to vote, I found an abundance of web resources ranging from historical blogs to state blogs offering information on suffragist, including the fact that women of color did not receive the right to vote at the time the amendment passed.

Searching for suffragists of color, I began in Indiana where I learned quickly that this would be challenging because Indiana passed prohibitive legislation regarding african/black persons prohibiting them from moving into Indiana and requiring substantial sums of money from those blacks choosing to remain.

For many hours over many months, I searched out images for suffragist of color; Black, Native American, Asian, Hispanic. Through all of this research, I imagined that I would have 54 Women Suffragists of Color selected for my quilt, in the end I celebrate 63 of the many women who have worked for voter rights.

I missed the deadline for the quilt call. I decided to complete the quilt. Im very pleased to say that the Grunwald Gallery of IU’s Eskanazi Museum has invited the quilt to feature in an exhibit from February 9th to March 12th, 2021.


I am considering an ebook.  Time will see what happens.

May we take care of ourselves and one another during this great transformative time.  May all voices for peace, justice, love and equality be heard, appreciated and respected.  We are all here together and I believe that together we can stand strong as a human species.  


Much love to all, may we hold love and light before us,


Monday, January 27, 2020

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

 Gathering of Crows Celebration C

Greetings in 2020!

I imagine that your lives are as full and layered as most of the people I know, even if we don’t yet have our jet packs! 

Yes! I am excited to live into this year and hope it really is 2020 clarity for me and you!

We do live in amazing times, and I am happy that the natural world is a large part of that even if I recently learned of the removal of nature words from the Oxford Children’s Dictionary (a few years past)! Among the many words removed were dandelion, hazelnut, spinach, poplar, otter, raven and doe. I hope that they find their way back into future children’s dictionaries.

I am fortunate to be living among the trees, and for the really fine heart friends, family, and connections that accompany me on this journey. 

Gratitude always, and love!


I am really pleased to share my designs through my studio on Spoonflower!  There you can choose from my developing collection of designs based on my artwork. Many of you know that I have been exploring suface design of fabric since the late 1970's!  I am amazed at how much time has past and the arts and artist I have met,  and now after so many years, I am really applying some of my college learned design skills! 

Folded Abstract B is from a folded painting and now on Spoonflower
available as finished products, pillows, table cloths, wallpapers,
 bedding and other items.  I love the quality and feel of the petal
Signature Cotton fabric I have printed on so far.  I am eager
to explore some of the other fabric choices, but first
 to create something with my new beauties!

I am (as usual) excitedly developing my design collections to enjoy and be enjoyed!

This is a broader look at where things are with me and quilterscomfort.
1. Teas are available on the menu at the Runcible Spoon.
2. Wholesale for teas and L.A.O. Seasonings is available.  Nightshade Free!
3. Fabric Design in quilterscomfort Design Studio!
4. Turtle Dome progresses – the septic system is now installed.
5. Hart Rock still exist at
6. I have been on Instagram for about a year as:

Quilter’s Comfort Blog will turn toward fabric design, pleating, and quiltmaking projects.

If you have a professional interest in design for clothing, interior design, fiber arts or quilting, etc., please check out my fabrics! Licensing is available. Custom design projects may be considered.

Local Food Bloomington will continue to turn its focus toward the home table, food security resources, and all changes to the website will be reflective of that.

The domain name Indiana Holistic Health Network is for sale.

May our individual and collective thoughts, words and actions reflect loving, connecting energy patterns into our world.

Thank you for sharing the journey,