Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quilter's Comfort in BLOOM Magazine - Bloomington,Indiana

Hello All,

While booth tending during Luna Fest, a fair of women in arts and business in the Fountain Square Mall, someone came by and told me they really enjoyed reading about my teas in the just out BLOOM Magazine - I hadn't yet seen the article really wanted to read what Elisabeth Andrews had to say and see what images were chosen by the photographer James Kellar.

A few hours later my neighbor (helping for the day), Mary returned from visiting other participants in their booths, holding two copies of BLOOM in her hand; one open to page 47 with the title "Teas That Please Mind, Body & Spirit"! Thank you to all responsible for sharing my developing business with Bloom readers!

I am very pleased that the article included information about my dream to open a tea house and herbal emporium to serve as a "mini-retreat".

Along with new labels, each with a unique image to help in selecting one tea from another, Quilter's Comfort introduced "No-nightshades Seasoning Blend, Clay Mask and "I LOVE Me Cream" to our growing list of vitalized creations. Now to get the website up to date with the new products and determine purchasing on line. As for the teahouse, I have a few Angel Investors, and am open to discussing with others who would also be interested in seeing this "retreat" find a home.

Blessings of health.