Saturday, January 26, 2019

Fast Turtle, Update

 Regardless of what I say, I am always going to have a wonky presentation here.  I'd thought I would have published the Tasty Little Nightshades Article.  As they say life happens, not to mention life happens to tech and I think that as I write this, I've just completed a boomarang move in hosting services .  Updates for the Quilter's Comfort website for the New Year, are now being published.  Because of the amount of time working with cyberspace, it has prevented work in the real world, such as packaging of my products.  

*Quilter's Comfort is active on Instagram @quilterscomfort, 
 I enjoy the pace of this social media platform and the new "friends" I am making.    I am also on Instagram @patriciaccolemanart,  Visit me there to see a few pictures and Quilter's Comfort's IGTV.

*The Tasty Little Nightshades Poster is Available for order.

* I will get the nightshade article here asap.  Thanks for your patience!