Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hot Tea Month, GRATITUDE and...Quilter's Comfort


Thank you for being here with my tea, seasonings and my words!  I hope that for all of us the end of 2017 is wonderful and 2018 will be even better!

Mamma's Feel Good

Celebrate Hot Tea Month with Quilter’s Comfort, Bloomington’s 
certified organic, small batch herbal blender.  On January 5th, the 
first twenty visitors to the Flowing Colors Studio will receive a 
tea gift; 112 North Walnut Street, #600, 5:00 p.m.  8:00 p.m. 

As Quilter’s Comfort, herbal blender who is also an artist; creative arts and happiness coach, inspirer and more.  I hold a space with other local artist and exist on the courthouse square (upstairs) as the Flowing Colors Studio allowing me a place for my herbal products.  Artist and artisans enrich the community and keep creative energy close to the heart of town.  Your support is much appreciated and needed by every shop downtown.   

There is a lot to enjoy in the Flowing Colors Studio.  You are a part of that, geting to chat a little, share our arts, knowledge, interest and skills with you and Quilter’s Comfort herbal product.

*******NEW PRODUCTS*********

The Mustard Club - Food buying club


Why would your Mom, Kid, Auntie, Sister or Friend want Quilter’s Comfort’s Seasonings in their stocking or included as an add-in gift?

Why would L.A.O. seasonings be at the top of the prepared seasoning list?  First of all, everyone in the family can appreciate the fresh tastes and flavors imparted by these small batch blended certified organic teas or seasonings. But most important for some is that Quilter’s Comfort blends all seasonings without nightshades, an allergen know to cause, for some inflammation.

Some persons with arthritis have been medically advised to exclude nightshades which are found in tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and white potatoes (tobacco is a nightshade).

Some advised to avoid not just the obvious nightshades, but prepared foods that are processed with these foods.  Persons following these suggestions have reported very positive results including reduction and sometimes remission of arthritic swelling and pains.  Some have even felt relief from bursitis, gout, tennis elbow, lower-back paint, headaches, high bloom pressure and similar conditions.

No white potatoes!  No Tomatoes!  Egg Plant or Peppers!  What a kick off the path!  I would, I thought, I could, find a way around this.  I loved these foods!  They were an accent or main ingredient to daily dishes, not to mention, that I had spent decades cultivating heirloom varieties of both peppers and tomatoes! 
Well, I went kicking and screaming, but You don’t have to.  And you can ease away from these foods.  Give your self this easy test to see if and how nightshades influence your body.  Consciously reduce the quantity you eat, even eliminate entire servings.  Read labels on prepackaged items, even shredded cheeses.  Use only corn starch.  Do this for a week.  If you want to, keep a journal; plan on eating a particular meal with nightshades making notes of how you feel.  Then a few days later prepare the exact meal only leaving out the nightshades.  Again, notice your body and write about all your observations, if any.   

I no longer use nightshades nor knowingly consume products that include them in their composition.

I found that most commercial seasoning blends contained nightshades or other artificial substances my body did not like.  I, being a food explorer and lover, and someone who enjoys experiencing a variety of flavors and food traditions had to do something. 

So Quilter’s Comfort developed a line of delicious, small batch blended seasonings reflecting a global palate to of flavor and free of nightshades.  You can enjoy all L.A.O. blends including Curry and Garam Masala and recently made available, Coumeric Pepper.   

Exciting to the mouth, these spice compositions offer great taste experiences that your entire family of eaters, home chefs and friends can enjoy (professional chefs and dieticians too)!

Quilter’s Comfort’s L.A.O. seasonings are available in a sampler packet and glass shaker jar.  As always Bloomington, IN area folks, email request for invoice and  pick up in the Flowing Colors Studio.  Email is always the best way to reach me.

 Thank you,

I look forward to seeing your face soon and I look see you in time.  May we each in our own way spread a little Quilter’s Comfort cheer!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

TEA AND HERB SALE ~~~ BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA - 10% Off Quilter's Comfort Herbs Friday, Oct. 6, 2017!

Maple Honey Mustard Saucy Syrup!
Hello Everyone,

Quilter’s Comfort teas and seasonings, as well as Patricia's art will be on sale during first Friday arts opening in the Flowing Colors Studio in celebration of the studio's first anniversary!

 Newest small batchs include, the Maple Honey Mustard Sauce Syrup (above), Elderberry Syrups and an Elderberry jelly.  As you know, small batchs move quickly, so stop by October 6th and save on these delicious certified organic products.  Quilter's Comfort products and the arts in the Flowing Colors Studio, make great gifts and some originals are available.

Light refreshments of savory scones made with Quilter's Comfort seasonings and one of our Cold Thyme seasonal support blends  will be served.

The studio is located at 112 North Walnut Street, on the second floor, up the stairs from Caveat Emptor Book Sellers Suite 600 (beside Opie Taylor’s Restaurant) and will be open until 8pm on October 6th and every first Friday.  Regular hours are Thursday and Friday 2pm – 6pm; Saturdays are 1pm – 5pm and other times by appointment.  I am there most Thursdays 1pm - 6pm if you would like to discuss my teas.

Question regarding https and safe sales.
All sales made through Quilter's Comfort are secure through Square as are those transacted through Grandma's Traditions.

Mustard Club Logo picture of mustard leaf with flower an text.  A private food club.

The MUSTARD Club is almost ready to launch!    The club is a private food club were members will be able to enjoy Grandma's small batch mustard products and many other products at club member prices.  That means you will pay 15%, sometimes more on items you enjoy.  Interested?  Sign up for the Quilter's Comfort News.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mini Savory Sourdough Scones

Chanterele Mushroom

A few of you may recall when I began exploring sourdough a few years ago.   I continue to be slightly in thrall of my living yeast!   At this time, my sourdough starter is what I refer to as my pet.  The little beast is not very demanding, when everything is going smoothly, it is on a daily feed routine.  Sometimes things get off schedule and I am away a few days, and upon returning, have to decide if it will forgive me and come back to its bubbly self, or began anew because I did not have the foresight to put it in the refrigerator!  

My current starter, bought into life this spring with the help of red peach tree leaves from Owen County, a little Upland Dragonfly and a spoon of Barrel Chested beer feed with whole wheat, brown rice, buckwheat, a little barley, a bit of rye, kamut, spelt and millet flours.

As you with sourdough starters (PETS) know, every time you feed you have either the opportunity to bake or cast off.   And when you allow for time, can do many amazing things with your sourdough cast off.  The following recipe is something I have been doing again, and again, and planning on doing often!  This is a big batch for me, so I am very glad that they freeze beautifully!

Kale Mini Scones

I made these for first Friday in the Flowing Colors Studio and the recipe was requested! Let me know how the addition of chanterelles works for you or any other mushroom!  Friends from Owen County found gallons (yes!) of Chanterelles these past two to three weeks and she showed up at my home with a good mess for me!)  

This morning, I baked the Chanterelle scones and have a batch of mini-scones in the freezer for  First Friday in August.

I hope you make these tender scones and enjoy eating them as much as I do, and if you like them, post a comment, or give us a  tweet! 

Here is my recipe, the one used on First Friday in July that you asked for - only with the swithch from kale to Chanterelles! 

Chanterele Scones

 Savory Sourdough Scones


2 cups flour – I usually use a combination of certified organic grains
mostly, whole wheat, whole wheat pastry, and a little brown rice
1 ½ tsp baking powder
1 tsp sea salt
½ tsp baking soda
1 tsp tumeric powder
1 tsp Quilter’s Comfort L.A.O. Seasoning
1/2 cup chopped kale or 1 cup sauteed or grilled Chlanterelle mushrooms (ideal if locally wildcrafted)*
½ cup yellow onion, diced
1 clove garlic, minced
¼ cup dehydrated beans (pinto or black)
3 fresh sage leaves, minced very well
½ tsp fresh thyme, minced very well
pinch of dried black pepper
½ cup oil
¼ cup yogurt whey
¼ cup yogurt
1 cup sourdough starter

  • In a large bowl combine flours, baking powder, sea salt, sugar, baking soda
Massage in the oil until the mixture resembles bread crumbs
  • Stir in sourdough, vegetables (use veggies you like) and other ingredients.
  • and add yogurt by the tablespoon until you can form a nice ball.
  • Gently knead, with very light touches until it comes together.
  • Roll out gently to about ½ inch (thicker if you like) then cut with a knife into triangles or use a shaped cutter.
  • Place scones on an oiled baking sheet
  • Let them rest 10 minutes under a towel
  • Bake 15 – 20 minutes at 425° (7-9 minutes for mini-scones) - Oven’s are do not have uniform temperatures.  Check your bake often after 10 minutes to prevent an over cooked scone.
 * Bloomington, Indiana area is just now past the harvesting of Chanterelles, it comes fast and some years are very lean and others, are full, very full with this orange fruity fungus.

If you want a crispy top, you might try putting a pan of water into the oven as is done with sourdough loaf baking.

Check out Flowing Colors Studio ( - We have an arts demonstration almost every first Friday.  I am working in the studio most Thursdays). 


Monday, May 15, 2017

Grandma's Traditions, Yuko's Strawberry Movie, Mustard and More

Once again, my attention is here.

I am cleaning up a portion of my herbal act as it is necessary to maintaining an ease and flow in integrating the past with the present.  

Grandma’s Traditions, a web café where Quilter's Comfort's Grandmother's products are offering mostly hand made, small batch or OOAK products through a safe, secure online store! this shop will also have art cards and prints from HART Rock.

This Pecan Encrusted Brie has gotten quite a few nods for Quilter's Comfort's Wheat Ale Jelly at the Upland!  You can buy beer jelly from me or at Butler's Winery, on College Avenue.

Grandma's Traditions is all about herbal products, arts, prints and cards! The focus is definitely on old time products that are small batch, artisan products and many OOAK.
Onto the scene is Grandma's whole grain mustard and certified organic herbal tonics, all produced with unfiltered vinegar. The tonic vinegar tasted out over a six month period and the tasters refuse to stop their “testing”! Grandma's Traditions connecting voice to a few grandmothers and a few almost forgotten folk skills.

Flowing Colors Studio has developed into a comfortable place to work and be inspired.  It has a gentle buz.  It is a place to visit often.  #600, 112 North Walnut Street.  Stop in and see what we have in our space, we have silk and cotton scarves; botanical dye, pleated forms and shrugs a small selection of teas and seasonings, but more available on line.   Flowing Colors hours are Thursday and Friday 2:00pm to 6:00 pm; open until 8:00pm on first Fridays and Saturdays open 1:00 to 5:00 pm. I am there on Thursdays and by appointment. 


Intro to Braid-in Rub Technique – Made with four strips of fabric.  This example is me repurposing a worn cotton blanket that had belonged to my Grandmother.  This project is also a great way to recycle t-shirts.  Take this class and learn a folk skill that requires very little sewing and get something comfortable to sit or stand upon!
Tools and Materials Fee - $6.00.  Thursday - June 15th and June 29th - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Workshop Cost - $9 (register for both - $16.00 + $2  - Materials Fee=$18.00) - small groups welcome.  Pre-registration three days before class.

Part I Introduction to the Articulated Clay Doll TBA

                                                                                                                                                               Here is a Shout Out to my friend Yuko, some of you may remember her from the Café, Her  movie  StrawberriesWill Save the Worldis here!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading and watching!

       Strawberry Doll

Blessings in herbal goodness!