Monday, July 27, 2015

Quilter's Comfort Visits Indianapolis

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quilter’s Comfort Seasonings in Indianapolis

  This morning, I set out on an adventure with my friend Donna who consented to be my driver to Indianapolis so that I could approach businesses about my wonderful herbal seasonings. 
She arrived, just as I was stuffing a few GMO free corn chips from my local Coop into my mouth.   This morning’s on the go breakfast, a random selection of yogurt, corn chips and locally produced cheese. 
My intention set to have a wonderful day, our journey began with me excited and a little nervous of meeting what I hoped would be a delicious assortment of people.  I was not disappointed.  We were met with openness and interest in my L.A.O. No Nightshades products, even excitement and enthusiasm from some.  Each shop visited played out a specific note, each beckoning me to reflect upon my hearts true joy.  In the food business, many people are already aware of the role nightshade may play in some types of arthritis.  Considering the aging population and the numbers of people with inflammatory conditions, some chefs are already at work developing recipes to entice and please all their foodie clients.

In a week, The Wellness Arts Café and Quilter’s Comfort will be moving from my current studio office.   This at a time when there are aspects in my life in contrast.  I would really love to land all in one place yet what my reality is to be is still unfolding.  This uncertainty puts the logistics of my food business up in the air.  Still, I move forward with trust that things will resolve and all will be fine.  I know what I would really like my picture to look like.  

Quilter’s Comfort has everything to do with local food and those who use my products tell me that they love them! It is about sustainability, personal and otherwise.  It is about desires, wants and needs held since my earliest days.  I have always enjoyed playing with food.  

My adventure to Indianapolis showed me so many possibilities await me and my creations out in the world beyond Bloomington.  I returned from Indianapolis refreshed!

It is a very good thing to go away from where you are to reflect on the journey ahead.
Yes, I feel refreshed, still don’t know how the story will read beginning in August, but I feel deeply feed by the people and experiences!

The people I met in Indy contributed to my feeling energized and uplifted because they seemed to be where they belonged and they knew it!  I was energized like an evening at the Players Pub dancing to music that really connects with me to the point where I stop thinking about anything but being present, only following the music; and every time that happens, something really amazing happens inside me, and I am more than I imagine.  I am being my joy!

First stop was Ruth’s Keystone Café where we enjoyed great service and I ate a delicious turkey sandwich accompanied by a satisfying side salad  Donna had vegan black bean vegi soup and I forget what else, I was so caught up in looking at the place, the people and even speaking with the staff.  I enjoyed every bite of food and the place.

From there, we traveled over to Artisano’s with its clear containers of all types of herbs spices, seasonings, salts and stainless decanters filled with plain and infused olive oils.  The staff was liberal with their time and information.

 It was after 3:00 pm when Donna and I arrived at 3 Sisters.  By this time, I thought I was finally remembering how to relax on these types of business visits.   Waiting to meet the owner, I overheard a team member announcing to the owner that she had a visitor; to which she replied softly.  “I am not supposed to be here”.   Then she glanced at me, and immediately came out to introduce herself.  She told me that she knew she should speak with me the moment she saw my hat!”
I pulled out my sampler book, and the aroma of the herbs wafted up from my box.  Moira Sommers took the book and carefully looked over the information.   She told me that she liked the book form.  Donna had asked that I show people my journal book I was traveling with.  It is one of Hedi Kyles forms with a cover of my bees waxed, rice paste paper.   I think it amazing that I have had found a lover of book arts forms and the second shop keeper that had attended Heron!  So many blessings in one day! Soon after we were sharing hugs!  Though I did not mention this, I really wanted her to taste my éclairs!  I felt that she would really appreciate them.

Moira open heartedly offered me so much concrete advice.  In my finalizing details this morning, I did not heed the many times; I thought to pack my wares in one of my lovely baskets.  She told me to get to the nearest Goodwill and purchase suitable basket.  I was laughing inside.  Her advice also included resources to connect with on the web and in the local community!  I may write more about that later.  It was wonderful hearing the positive interest in my herbal and arts work, and the pleasure of all the hugs and ease and general support!  

Before leaving, we took a picture in front of her first business sign, one she painted herself.  A young woman was there, maybe her daughter, I don’t know and I did not note her name, so someone reading this please let me know so I can correct that.  She was asked to join our conversation and she took this picture for us and told me if I needed the picture tweaked, send it back to her and she would improve it as necessary!  So much easy generosity!  I said something to the young woman, about my appreciation of the hugs and the general positive attitudes and her reply was, “Its all about family”.  
Moira told us how she likes to support local products and gave me an idea of how she will use my seasonings in a culinary display and then made sure we could continue to stay in touch.  I later told friends, that being there was like meeting friends that you did not know, but once meeting them, you feel like they are old friends!

 Here I am with my new seasoning display basket!  

From there, with both Donna and I feeling very energized from our 3 Sisters experience, we headed over to Massachusetts Ave, to again experience more delicious conversation and locally owned shops.  Feeling very thirsty, we ventured over to Natural Born Juices where we both enjoyed delicious Black Raspberry vegan smoothies before beginning our journey back to Bloomington.  I mentioned to maker that one of my most beloved herbal tisanes carries that same name!

Sometime, I will write more about Massachusetts Ave, visiting Homespun, and the fact that there is a block totally dedicated to locally owned businesses and locally crafted products in downtown Indianapolis!  Just as we were leaving the juice bar, we realize that it was after 5pm, and the street here seemed to be coming alive with pedestrians!  

Inspired, even, as I am to begin transition into the void; I am excited and thinking of the delicious possibilities before me.  I am also thinking about getting into the commercial kitchen and producing some Black Ruby jelly for my new markets! 
I am also thinking about my herbal and book display for Makevention on August 29th 2015 in the Bloomington Convention Center.  If you want more information about the Black Ruby, you will have to visit me at Makevention!

The world I live in is full of loving; generous and amazing people each making an effort to allow their true heart to be reflected in the way they embrace every moment whether in work or play.  Confident, expressive, joy filled people called to mind the teachings of Toltec Don Miguel Ruiz simply saying, “Mind your own story”.   I will be among the first to admit, it is easy to stay clear when surrounded by so much visible love in action and really delicious food.  

We will be visiting Indy again, very soon, just to soak up more of the great feelings, make new connections and definitely to begin an exploration of the 3 Sisters menu!  

Until next time,

Abundance of great food! 

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