Thursday, March 31, 2016

Springtime Excitement! Teas on the Road to Japan and YELP GREAT GET AWAY to BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA


New life is everywhere.  Plants emerging from ground.  Some branches budding, others already leafing out.  A day ago, I saw the first flush of red bud blossom.  Soon the entire ridge will be popping with who knows how many shades of green and this contrasting pink.

A week ago I wondered when the fast paced leafing would begin.  The growth that eventually obscures my view of the road.  It is fast upon me.

Strawberry 15 herbal tea  (pictured above) along with Rose Mint and Elderberry Rose Mint Jellies traveled with my friend Yuko to Japan!  The Rose Mint jelly was a request from an admirer there.

On the way - Farmer House Museum will soon have:  Farmer House Garden Blend, Spearmint Lift and Lemonbalm(812) 336-5597, They are located at 529 N College Ave (10th and College), Bloomington, IN 4

Some Quilter's Comfort jellies will soon be available in a Brown County shop!  More about that later!

As a Vendor to Upland, Quilter's Comfort is participating in  YELP'S Great Getaway.

 I plan on baking baby eclairs and filling them with beer jelly crafted from Upland beers; sourdough biscuit or maybe a jelly scone and something with the Everything Plus Dip!


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Quilter's Comfort to Participate in Eiteljorg Women In Art

 Hello Tea Lover,

What a beautiful sunny day here in Bloomington!  

Time is moving quickly,  soon I will be participating in the Eiteljorg Women in Art Market on March 19th from 10am to 5pm.  The  Eiteljorg Museum is located at 500 W. Washington St. in Indianapolis, IN.  I will have teas, including Chocolate Raspberry, DOWNSTREAM and Rose Mint, a little beer jelly; some of my art work - hand bound books, art prints, rice paste cards.  You can see more at HART Rock

 A shout out of appreciation and thank you to all who support this small business and again to local people for your purchases through the Quilter’s Comfort website.  To those new to the mailing list, there are no shipping charges.

Food News has been updated.  You will find what is listed below and much more!

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