Monday, August 15, 2011

Quilter's Comfort Update

Dear All, thank you for liking my teas! Quite a lot has happened since my last posting. Very soon you will receive an announcement for the Grand Opening of "Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe and Quilter's Comfort Teas"! Last Tuesday, I signed a lease for a store front at 725 West Kirkwood Avenue!

Yes, I am excited and busy with first cleaning, now painting and figuring out how to display for the "first phase" as a retail area featuring my teas and others, herbs, arts and crafts, a "local Indiana" area with related products; organizing for consignment or contractual arrangement, preparing the class room space and the Vibrational Energy Wellness office.

The class room space and wellness office will be available for use by other practitioners. The second phase is to build a "tea bar" and remodel the bathroom, purchase tables and seating, then people will be able to come in for teas, coffee and pastries.

I am grateful for all the support and enthusiasm I am receiving from those I know and the community in general. Some of you asked what I may need, so this is the beginning of my list which will be updates as I go along as you know that this all went from a paper dream into reality, and reality has many needs I did not recognize.

I realize most of us don't have these things hanging around, yet if you come across these, I welcome the information about location - contact me at

-Wood book shelf (shelves) - 6 feet tall and four to five feet tall
-Bathroom sink and cabinet
-Concrete Paint - preferably black and white
-Mid sized refrigerator
-3' to 4' Glass display case
-drywall (to finish the repair of the small bathroom)
-CD player
-6' wide rugs to cover concrete office floor (22' Long).
- lighting - figuring out what is needed

2nd Phase Needs

-coffeemaker/hot water heater
-Pastry display
-4 Air Pots for dispensing hot teas and coffee
- a counter top and bottom
-Beverage Cooler for juices, teas, etc.
-tables and chairs
-locally made tea pots, cups and saucers - ask your potter friends to contact me

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Blessings of good things to each of you.