Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Still Landing

The temperature is really on a down hill slide today.  I can hear a slight roar coming up through the valley.  The stainless kettle is just ready to sing on the stove top and I feel like I am still floating down to earth. Still landing since the move from Kirkwood Avenue.

Partially I feel this way as I am adjusting from having regular association with so many different people and now, that type of interaction is really gone and I am spending more time with managing the virtual world where, I am considering offering regulars store hours available via facetime.

I am enjoying the new location and the way it is perfect for the fiber design work that I am doing at the moment. 

I will have an ad for Quilter's Comfort in forthcoming Well Being Journals.  I am very excited about that and that is a huge motivator in getting the website really functional.

So, back to work behind the scenes.

Hope you are enjoying delicious tea and seasonings.