Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Celebrations; May Quilter's Comfort Teas, Tea Syrups and Tea Jellys Sweeten Your Days!

Greetings to All who find their way here!

Stop by the "cafe", home to Quilter's comfort Teas, 725 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington; and say hello before the New Year rolls in! If you are not nearby, call the shop and place your tea, jelly and syrup order. Since opening the first Friday in October, energy has been moving forward non-stop. A bundle of blessings to each of you who have contributed to making this a thriving joyous place! I am still getting to preparing the "Wellness Arts Menu", yet hope to get something, though an outline of events and products to come before 2012 roll in.

The "Cafe" Holiday Hours are 1:00 PM to 7:00PM through December 23rd.
Open until 4:00PM Christmas Eve.
Tea Jellies, Tea Syrups and accessories for holiday gift giving! Owl and Pussy Cat and Bluesy Green Cranberry Jelly and Syrups available only through the holiday season. Tea Samplers, Tea Samplers, Tea Samplers!

Gift Certificates are available and a great choice for use for any product, Reconnective Healing, Reiki or other service.

SALE - Tall glass decorated votive holders with candle - buy 2 and get 1 for Free!
- Locally made wooden ornaments - buy 2 and get one Free!
- Some Elastic Brain Cooperative upcycle on sale!

Also available - collage ornaments, local calendar, greeting cards, original art and ten locally blended Quilter's Comfort artisan teas and more!

We look forward to sharing many new blends with you in 2012. New teas, some crafted using herbs and spices grown in Bloomington, Indiana and nearby areas. Most new blends will be certified organic and some blended from plants grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs.

Thank you for sharing this journey.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Quilter's Comfort Update

Dear All, thank you for liking my teas! Quite a lot has happened since my last posting. Very soon you will receive an announcement for the Grand Opening of "Patricia's Wellness Arts Cafe and Quilter's Comfort Teas"! Last Tuesday, I signed a lease for a store front at 725 West Kirkwood Avenue!

Yes, I am excited and busy with first cleaning, now painting and figuring out how to display for the "first phase" as a retail area featuring my teas and others, herbs, arts and crafts, a "local Indiana" area with related products; organizing for consignment or contractual arrangement, preparing the class room space and the Vibrational Energy Wellness office.

The class room space and wellness office will be available for use by other practitioners. The second phase is to build a "tea bar" and remodel the bathroom, purchase tables and seating, then people will be able to come in for teas, coffee and pastries.

I am grateful for all the support and enthusiasm I am receiving from those I know and the community in general. Some of you asked what I may need, so this is the beginning of my list which will be updates as I go along as you know that this all went from a paper dream into reality, and reality has many needs I did not recognize.

I realize most of us don't have these things hanging around, yet if you come across these, I welcome the information about location - contact me at quilterscomfort@gmail.com

-Wood book shelf (shelves) - 6 feet tall and four to five feet tall
-Bathroom sink and cabinet
-Concrete Paint - preferably black and white
-Mid sized refrigerator
-3' to 4' Glass display case
-drywall (to finish the repair of the small bathroom)
-CD player
-6' wide rugs to cover concrete office floor (22' Long).
- lighting - figuring out what is needed

2nd Phase Needs

-coffeemaker/hot water heater
-Pastry display
-4 Air Pots for dispensing hot teas and coffee
- a counter top and bottom
-Beverage Cooler for juices, teas, etc.
-tables and chairs
-locally made tea pots, cups and saucers - ask your potter friends to contact me

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Blessings of good things to each of you.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Quilter's Comfort in BLOOM Magazine - Bloomington,Indiana

Hello All,

While booth tending during Luna Fest, a fair of women in arts and business in the Fountain Square Mall, someone came by and told me they really enjoyed reading about my teas in the just out BLOOM Magazine - http://www.magbloom.com. I hadn't yet seen the article really wanted to read what Elisabeth Andrews had to say and see what images were chosen by the photographer James Kellar.

A few hours later my neighbor (helping for the day), Mary returned from visiting other participants in their booths, holding two copies of BLOOM in her hand; one open to page 47 with the title "Teas That Please Mind, Body & Spirit"! Thank you to all responsible for sharing my developing business with Bloom readers!

I am very pleased that the article included information about my dream to open a tea house and herbal emporium to serve as a "mini-retreat".

Along with new labels, each with a unique image to help in selecting one tea from another, Quilter's Comfort introduced "No-nightshades Seasoning Blend, Clay Mask and "I LOVE Me Cream" to our growing list of vitalized creations. Now to get the website up to date with the new products and determine purchasing on line. As for the teahouse, I have a few Angel Investors, and am open to discussing with others who would also be interested in seeing this "retreat" find a home.

Blessings of health.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"All Ears" Tasted!

"All Ears", blended to support deep listening, made its debut at the monthly meeting of the Chalice Circle Executive Committee of the Bloomington Unitarian Universalist Church this Thursday. Everyone present enjoyed the deliciously fragrant, bright blend containing chamomile, calendula and rose petals to name a few of the eleven herbs. The blend is certified organic, and some herbs are Fair-trade. All of the tasters gave it a thumbs up and look forward to enjoying more of "All Ears". Once the tea is shared at the Chalice Facilitators Appreciation event, I will introduce it out into the world. At that time, I will share information about the Vibrational and historical information that supported these herbs being selected for this blend. It will also be available in a blend free of caffeine.

Orange Earl has met with a few changes and is being tasted for approval. The blend is Orange Earl Grey Green and I hope passes the appreciation taste of those who are familiar with the traditional Earl Grey. Also, I think it would be simpler to call my tea Orange Earl Green. As for the "Orange Earl" part, family lore has it that we had a cousin, a twin by the name of Orange Earl, a male with a sister named Sadie Pearl! Perhaps some day there will be a Sadie Pear Blend. If you have suggestions, send them my way. Yes, there is orange in the mixture and I look forward to sharing this one, and other new blends with you.

Blessings of good company and delicious nutritious cups of tea!

Friday, April 1, 2011

What's Happening at Quilter's Comfort

Hello to each of you.

May this posting find you well, and of course I hope healthy and enjoying spring where ever you are located.

I am busy working to get teas out into my community, and with your assistance into shops and eateries near you! Some new opportunities for QCT are unfolding and to that end an updated Business Plan is being worked on. I will share more on that another time.

Following is info from my most recent "What's Happening" Update on the Quilter's Comfort site. Besides this information that is mostly about teas, thanks to James Lawrence, of Stair Lift Advisor I've done some updating on the Links page. Links or location information of business mentioned are at the bottom.

In late winter Quilter's Comfort released Owl and Pussy Cat's Berry Green and Players Pub's Bluesy Green Teas. Owl and Pussy Cat's Berry Green were inspired by the children's folk tale, The Owl and Pussy Cat who went to sea and while there dined on quince with a runcible spoon. For nearly 30 years, I along with family and friends have enjoyed consuming food and beverages at the Runcible Spoon Restaurant and Coffeehouse located at 412 E. 6th Street. So it was easy for me to design and name a tea with the Spoon, (as it is know by the locals) in mind.

It has been one of the regular places to stop whether with my children on a visit to the library, a chat with friends or for my writing time, and definitely the place to purchase my favorite, freshly roasted, organic and fair trade coffees. Long ago I was told that the Runcible Spoon was the first coffee roaster in the town, maybe the state. I will have to check to see if that is true. It is also the place I joined the line of men and women producing and hosting "The Runcible Spoon Poetry Series", now the "HART Rock Poetry Series" every fourth Friday in Rachael's Cafe (serving I LOVE Me tea). Jeff Danniels was the pioneering founding owner of the "Spoon" now run by Regan and Chef Matt O'Neil. Of course easy going people, wonderful food and having fish in the restrooms bathtub is a draw and pleasure for all of us. And of course Quilter's Comfort Teas!

Players Pub's Bluesy Green was blended while thinking about the excellant blues music I have enjoyed listening and dancing to at the Pub. I wanted to blend a tea that would support and nurture the complex tones I imbibed through my ears and skin curtesy of the Blues bands such as Cliff & The Guardrails, Carlyn Lindsey and the Snake Doctors, Doc Malone, Old Timey Blues of the Lost Shoe String Band, Curtis Cantwell Jackson and Janiece Jaffe, Michael Kelsey, the Blues Jam on Tuesdays, the Dynamics, Blues Street. Beasley. The Pub, located at 424 South Walnut Street serves good food and features great music. The musicians, many of them from around the Bloomington and Brown County areas are wonderful musicians.

For now, the Pub will be the only local place to serve Bluesy Green. They also have it available for take home purchase along with Quilter's Comfort I LOVE Me, Cold Thyme and Patricia's Delicious (Original Blend) teas, and it will be available for purchase in grocery stores locally and a variety of establishments elsewhere.

If you are in Bloomington, Indiana, in addition to the above establishments, you can find Quilter's Comfort teas on the menue at Roots on the Square, Rachael's Cafe and Max's Place. Want to buy some to enjoy at home? Stop in the Bloomingfoods Eastside Store and the Downtown Bloomingfoods (down the alley off Kirkwood) or the Players Pub. You can also purchase teas from my Reiki Peace and Wellness Office open by appointment only.

Quilter's Comfort was invited to design a tea for the Chalice Circles of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Bloomington (Small Group Ministry) using herbs folk historians have associated with such properties as to support deep listening, enhance group interactions, be calming, nurturing, understanding and compassionate. Of course they want it to have great taste. To that end, in May, Quilter's Comfort will release All Ears. After its debut,it will be made available to the community.

Before All Ears makes its community debut, we will release Orange Earl Green in just a few short weeks, and if our taste testers say its go at that time we will also release Green Dove, blended with a mind toward peaceful intentions.

James Lawrence of Stair Lift Advisor can be reached here


ROOTS on the Square- corner of Walnut and 6th Street

PLAYERS PUB, 424 South Walnut
REIKI PEACE AND WELLNESS ARTS- by appointment only

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Bluesy Green" featured at Players Pub on St. Patrick's Day!

Quilter's Comfort "Bluesy Green" tea at the Players Pub!

This St. Patrick's night "Wear the Green, Enjoy the Blues"at the Players Pub as they introduce their new special tea: Players Pub's Bluesy Green" a Certified Organic herbal tea blended specially for them in Bloomington by Quilters Comfort. Quilter's Comfort blends organic herbs and teas in small batches. Quilter's Comfort's Patricia C. Coleman, tea blender, has been crafting herbal brews since the mid 1970's.

So stop by the Pub wearing your green and enjoy a cup of Bluesy Green tea on the house and of course there will also be some really good Blues music to enjoy.

For more information about the Pub, check out the Players Pub's calendar - http://www.theplayerspub.com/calendar.php

For more information about Quilter's Comfort visit http://www.quilterscomfort.com/