Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hello Dear Reader,

Things are moving along with Quilter's Comfort and I expect to finally get some promotion and follow up information out this next week.  

Quilter's Comfort will be at the 3rd Annual MAKEVENTION this Saturday, August 29th, 10am to 4pm in the Bloomington Convention Center.  For more information about MAKEVENTION visit the website.

L.A.O.’s Certified Organic Seasonings and Dips will be available in shaker jars, and as samplers!
-         Seasoning Blend
-         Curry Seasoning
-         EVERYTHING Plus Popcorn
-         Garam Masala
-         Burger Bliss

This is Rose Hip Jelly made with certified organic rose hips, certified organic sugar, filtered water, pectin and citric acid.  CLICK here to read about rose hips

Rose Mint tea combined with Elderberries to create a delicious herbal jelly!

I will have a number of teas, samplers; L.A.O. Seasonings and Dip mixes, Rose Hip Jelly, Coffee Jam and Elderberry Rose Mint jelly!

I will also be demonstrating through out the day a flexagon book structure!

Back to labeling.

Enjoy the day.