Thursday, December 27, 2007

Almost New Year Update!

Some amazing things have been happening in my life. I am now working in a quilt store that will be opening in January. It is a lot of work and fun helping to assemble the store. The shop is Shiisa Quilts, off Vernal Pike and Hwy 37 near Bloomington, Indiana. Not only will I be available to sell quilters sewing machines and other quilting needs, I will be teaching a few classes there and best of all - Quilter's Comfort Herbal Tea Drink and maybe Quilter's Comfort Foot Tea Bath will be available for purchase! Once you taste my subtle flavored, energizing and nutritious Quilter's Comfort Herbal Tea or use my Quilter's Comfort Foot Bath, you will want to make them a part of your everyday pleasures!

Quilter's Comfort Tea will be available on the Quilter's Comfort website and in the Shiisa Quilts store! A little more patience and the QCT site will be launched.

I will be exhibiting some of my quilts and paintings in the Monroe County Public Library the last two weeks of February. After that, I will have art on display from March through May in Lennies Restaurant and Brewhouse. I am also scheduled as the feature artist for May in the Bellevue Gallery.