Friday, November 30, 2012

Thank you for finding your way here and into the Cafe.  Each time I sit down to write, I think and often say, "I will do this more often".  Then I get into the day to day of all that is necessary with the store and it is many many months later.

There have been many wonderful connections made and some challenges due to the age of some of my technology.  Three months after a major crash, I am still recovering data and recreating dozens upon dozens of files.  Yet, the self-serve tea tasting and jelly sampling continue and people continue to enjoy buying our teas and other items.  Thank You, all of you who shop here, you are what keeps us in business!

People continue to ask, how did you come up with coffee jelly or the beer and wine jellies?  It tell them it was one of those "ding" moments.  While watching a movie, whose name I don't recall,  one of the characters said something about jelly and that was enough to get me started thinking and now many locals and visitors from out of town are enjoying Coffee Jelly (made using certified organic and fairtrade coffee from the Runcible Spoon; Wine Jellies (we use wine from Butler Vineyard) and Beer Jellies using craft beer from Bloomington Brewing Company and other Indiana Craft brewers.

 Earlier this month we had a visit from a lovely young woman interning with the Bloomington Area Arts District (BEAD.  Read what she says about the Cafe.

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Nurture your Body and Soul at Patricia’s Wellness Arts Café!

The women that work to sustain Patricia’s Café really do put your wellbeing first.  Their warm natures and welcoming mannerisms work wonders in giving the newly established shop its homey feel.  So even though it’s tucked away a little bit off the beaten path on the west side of BEAD, Patricia’s is well worth a visit for those interested in art and health. 

Click to read article  by Anna Fiore 

If we haven't met yet, stop in and introduce your self and sample a little tea or jelly.

We are open Tuesday - Saturday 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM and First Fridays 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

 May all your celebrations be filled with joy and good friends and family!